Post-Season Post

This post is admittedly more “SS” than “P” today. It’s a little post from my hockey heart as we closed the curtain on our 2017-18 season yesterday afternoon.

Sometimes your team doesn’t win.

Sometimes the other team connects the pass, makes the stronger play, gets the lucky shot, and in the long run, takes home the win. 

But those “sometime” moments don’t change the passion or pride that one carries for their team. The loss doesn’t change the dedication that we admire, the skill that resides within the players, nor the commitment that those off the ice have given. 

We were the long run. We were 55 wins regular season. We were 14 of the needed 16 wins post season. We were records and 25 years in the making.

They won the Hamilton Spectator Trophy. They won the Wayne Gretzky Trophy. They won over young fans going to their first game. They won over parents, siblings and Saultites donning red and white. They won the hearts of SSM. 

Hockey still runs through us like the waters in the Great Lakes. Together, we did ignite the North. 

Sometimes your team doesn’t win. 

Sometimes they do. 

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