Warrior Portraits

Warrior: A brave or experienced fighter. A person who shows
or has shown great vigor or courage.

Earlier this year one of my closest friends was diagnosed
with breast cancer. Her strength and courage have inspired me to create an
opportunity for local Warriors to show off their strength, highlight their
courage, and bring them a smile.

Warrior Portraits.

On Saturday, September 30th Shaylan Spurway
Photography is inviting all breast cancer Warriors to stop by  for a FREE
portrait. You will step into a sparkling pink set and have a few minutes in
front of the camera. Your digital portrait will be sent to you on October 1st,
the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Anyone who is currently battling breast cancer, or is a
survivor of breast cancer, is a Warrior in my books. For all of the details,
and to sign up for a spot, please CLICK HERE. Feel free to share this
opportunity with family and friends.

Together we fight,


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